Build high-quality backlinks for your business without drowning in HARO emails 

BacklinksAI uses the power of smart filters and AI to automate your HARO outreach. Get more organic traffic & sales with less effort.

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"For a new startup, it's SO hard to get backlinks. We've tried using "Help A Reporter Out" (HARO) so many times, and always given up because of all the email noise.

BacklinksAI finally solves that - and their auto-reply saves us a ton of time too. It's incredible. With BacklinksAI, our company has shot up Google's rankings, gotten featured in blogs with 1M+ monthly pageviews, and most importantly - we've doubled our organic sales!"

Shahid Mawji

COO & co-founder, Swift App 

How It Works

Adding filters in BacklinksAI

🧠 Add smart filters to backlink opportunities

BacklinksAI receives prompts from reporters via Cision's Help A Reporter Out (HARO) service.

The problem with these prompts is that they're not catered to your business. This results in far too much noise (tons of emails every day), and not much signal.

Now, you can add filters & rules to ensure only the prompts relevant to your business reach your inbox.

⛏️ Choose your email frequency

Instead of drowning in emails for low potential backlinks, you can choose exactly how often you want to hear from us.

Choose between once daily, thrice daily, or once weekly. Also pick if you want to hear from BacklinksAI even if there are no matching prompts.

📧 Get matching prompts delivered to your inbox 

Now, you can get beautifully formatted emails delivered to your inbox, only with the prompts that matched your original filters.

Plus, any matching words, phrases, or characters will clearly be indicated so you can adjust your filters over time.

🚀 Reply to prompts 10x faster with auto-reply

Another major pain point with curating backlinks manually is that replying to prompts from reporters takes a lot of time.

And since SEO is a "long game", it's tough to stay motivated with backlink efforts when the results aren't immediately available.

Instead of hiring a backlink building agency to take this on, you can use auto-reply AI to generate the outline of your response, and then tweak it until it's ready to send. 


Simple & clear pricing. No contracts. Cancel anytime. Free plan available. 10x your organic traffic for the price of a few coffees 🚀 



USD Per Month

Best for those starting their SEO journey and looking to try out the tool.

Single keyword

Single filter

Summary emails once per day OR once per week



USD Per Month

Best for business or blog owners serious about improving their rank on Google.

Unlimited keywords

Unlimited filters

Summary emails three times per day, once per day, OR once per week

AI-powered auto reply to prompts

Email template for replies (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from HARO?

We think of BacklinksAI as the successor to HARO. It's the necessary extension to a useful, but archaic, service.

Almost every person we've ever talked to refers to HARO as "annoying but necessary". A lot of folks have said something along the lines of "yeah we tried HARO, but it never worked for me". 

We believe that improving your business's organic prospsects should be fun and rewarding, not something you hate doing.

And so, we've built BacklinksAI to include everything we wished HARO had!

I have suggestions & ideas. How do I get in touch?

Reach out to us over Twitter and we'll get back to you asap!


Ready to try it out?

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